A desperate mission…

King Lusor has asked his Council of Lords to recommend individuals of extraordinary nature to embark on a suicide mission into the cursed lands east beyond the River Deep. The Council had believed they had many years before the cursed lands reached them, but new information gathered revealed that heavy population sped up the process and it was now believed there were only two years remaining until the Darkness reached Baniss.

To make matters worse, to the west of Baniss, a wall will be erected in an attempt to keep the darkness from spreading any farther in that direction, which would leave Baniss on the dark side. With no help coming, the City is left to fend for itself. Rumors are spreading and citizens may begin to abandon the city well before the Darkness arrives. Rumor also says people are already being stopped from migrating west and endangering or overpopulating the ‘safe’ zone.

The Darkness is mostly a mystery. All that is known is that people are taken over by fear, greed, paranoia, lust, murder, revenge, hatred, all the worst are brought out. That is if they don’t simply disappear. To make matters worse, creatures out of legend roam the Dark lands. Creatures thought to exist only in children’s fairy tales, morality stories and nightmares.

A platoon of the King’s finest, a Bard of renown, a Seer, an Arch Bishop of the Church and a group of extraordinarily talented young ones known as ‘the Gifted’…let the expedition begin!


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