The Gifted story so far
Always look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

I will try to keep up to date on the events of our campaign here. I have some catching up to do…

Gifted Episode 3
Follow the Money

Our band returns to camp after a successful all night mission to retrieve the stolen chest. We have recovered the chest as well as the wagon and horses. We also have three prisoners in tow.

The prisoners steadfastly maintain their leader is Councilman Lashevitz. Lashevitz maintains his innocence and receives unexpected backing from Arch Bishop Tanlin. Tanlin says he has known Lashevitz for many years and doubts he is responsible. He also reminds the group that the Councilman is the direct representative of King Lousoar in with the expedition. It is decided that Tanlin will take responsibility for him while the band guards the three prisoners until they can be handed over to Knight Captain Villteri in Sebathia.

The very next evening, Broughm is possessed by the real ringleader and forced to release the three prisoners and supply them with weapons. While they loaded the twice stolen chest onto a horse, Broughm was forced to stall Stout, the next watch, so they had more time. When released, Broughm and Clout race to the wagon to find the chest already gone. The camp is alerted and a posse is hastily arranged and pursuit begins.

The thieves are tracked up into the hills north of the road and are waiting at the top of a ridge. A battle ensues which at first blush appears one sided. In reality, Wit, assistance cook hired by Caravan Master Kinnon just prior to departure is a Black Gifted and a dangerous opponent.

Dunno is feared out of the fight. Kurren severely wounds Wit with a perfectly aimed spear throw but Wit returns the favor with Eye for an Eye. Kurren’s whirlwind keeps Wit at arm’s length while Clout and Broughm fight the henchmen and Kalpurnia helps Broughm keep everyone from succumbing to their wounds. Broughm and Clout finally finish their three just in time to save Kalpurnia and Kurren from Wit’s evil Gifts.

After another night of little rest, the group returns to the caravan with Wit’s body to show Kinnon and Tanlin the real cause of their problems. Hopefully they can now proceed to the rendezvous with Knight Captain Vallteri at the port city of Sebathia.


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