Story of Creation

And the Creator called forth matter and split this matter and created the earth and the sky. The earth and the sky were below the heavens and above the fires. He rose above the soil and dropped his seeds and watered them with his tears and out sprung Man who was but a shadow of the Creator himself.

And the Creator brought forth his first children, the Angels, those who lived in the heavens, those who were also called Guardians and said unto them “Go forth and watch over my flock on earth where I cannot linger for Man cannot bear my countenance.” Man woke on that first day as the Sun rose and beheld the eldest children and named them the Lords of the Dawn. And the Creator saw this from above and was happy and so he rested of his great labors.

The Lords of the Dawn saw Man and deemed them mean and uncouth and resolved to mold Man like rough clay into an image that recalled the Creator. The Guardians hoped that he may rise and marvel at Man’s worth when he awoke from his slumber. Man worshipped the Lords who were always held above them as they refused to set foot upon the earth for they knew it to be unclean. And thus they took on the role of teachers to young Man.

And thus began an age of growth and Man’s thirst for knowledge knew of no limits. Man at the Dawn of time was of greater stature and The Lords of the Dawn gave unto him many Gifts and taught him many skills and great works were performed and wonders built, it was a golden age that may never come again. And still the Creator slept.

Man grew in knowledge and power and raised many marvels. But as one man grew in power, another man would covet that power. And those that held greater power took liberties and held over those who had not as much. And those who made things of beauty or great invention were envied by those who had not such things. And Man who had power might wrest the things of beauty from those who had less. And sometimes Man killed those who abused their own power in vengeance.
And Man worshipped the Lords of the dawn as they would the Creator whom they had never met. It was never the Creator’s intention that they so honor the Eldest for the Creator’s first children, though they had dwelt in the heavens, were not perfect. The Guardians had power and knowledge but not divinity and were therefore not worthy of worship. But idols were built and monuments to the Lords of the Dawn and sometimes temples were raised to them.

As man grew in power, he also grew in vice. They began to fight one another till this led to murder and then eventually war. The Lords of the Dawn were not of one mind. Some felt that sharing all the knowledge with young man had corrupt him from the simple vision of the Creator. Yet still others thought that Man had progressed as planned for he had become like unto the Lords themselves. But the Lords of the Dawn, though of Heaven, were not pure and so Man was but a shadow of this imperfection.

Some Lords felt that Man should not be taught anymore for he was not ready for it and Man might have been corrupted from the plan of the Creator. Still others thought this was the natural progression and were fond of Man as he resembled them. The two congregations argued, then fought, then warred amongst themselves. Then Man, who worshipped the many Lords took sides in the conflict till all of Creation raged. Men died in multitudes and also many of the Guardians passed on from their bodies to return to the Heavens and await the awakening of their Creator. Devastation swept the lands and fires burned uncontrollably and many of Man’s works were destroyed never to be rebuilt.

After an age of this, the Lords of the Dawn met, those that remained on the earth, and held a council. And it was decided that Man was to be allowed to choose his destiny and the Guardians would stand down and thus would the Creator’s vision be. And so Man was allowed the choice and the Guardians would remain aloft and honor that choosing and the Creator’s will be accomplished by his Creations as intended, whatever than may be.

Story of Creation

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